Fresh, Locally Sourced

Meat in Surrey

At Chapman & Son, we are proud to source our meat from local and reputable farms

One of the benefits of shopping with your local butcher is that your meat will be fresh and more often than not, locally sourced. At Chapman & Son, we also only work with suppliers and wholesalers that share the same values as ourselves and uphold the highest standards when it comes to animal welfare. We source all of our lamb and pork from Kent, and our chickens from Norfolk. We also have deliveries on most days, from trusted suppliers that we have worked with for decades.

Six Varieties of Sausages, including Gluten Free

Our Pork sausages are one of the most popular items that we sell – probably because they have such a high meat content and we offer such a great variety of flavours and spices. From plain sausages or chipolatas for the kids, to our Directors sage, or Italian style with Chili – we are sure you will love a Chapman sausage!

Traditional Plain Pork

Directors Sage & Pork

Pork & Leek

Italian Style – Pork with Chili & Fennel


Gluten Free – Traditional Plain or Italian Style

Locally Sourced Pork from Kent


Home Cured & Smoked Bacon

You can’t beat our bacon for flavour. We cure and smoke our own bacon for a unique, strong flavour. We don’t add any water either, so your bacon will shrink less and won’t lose any flavour. We sell smoked and unsmoked back bacon and streaky bacon, as well as bacon pieces (lardons) for pasta dishes.

Pork Steaks, Chops & Tenderloins

Whatever kind of pork dish you are looking to cook, you won’t be disappointed with our selection. From pork chops with lovely rind that will crisp up beautifully, to lean pork steaks and pork tenderloins, that can be used in all sorts of dishes.


Succulent Poultry from Norfolk

Our chickens are extremely moist and succulent – there is no comparison to what you can buy elsewhere. We buy our chickens in whole from Norfolk, and bone them out to ensure that your meat will look as good on your plate as it tastes.

Chicken Breasts

One of our most popular ranges, we sell chicken breasts on and off the bone, either with the skin on or removed – however you like.

Chicken Legs

We sell chicken legs whole, or split into individual drumsticks and thighs that can also be marinated in our unique cajun blend.

Chicken Goujons

Perfect for making kebabs or fajitas – chicken goujons are small chicken fillets often referred to as “chicken strips”.

Marinated & Seasoned Chicken

We also sell a fantastic range of marinated chicken breasts, with a flavour for even the fussiest of eaters!


Chicken Parisienne (French Garlic)


Tandoori Chicken


Lemon & Chili Chicken


Black Garlic & Pepper Chicken


Lemon & Coriander Chicken


Cajun Chicken Kebabs & Thighs


Prime Scottish Beef – Steak, Mince & Braising

If you are looking for a steak that is full of flavour, why not come and check out our mouthwatering selection of steaks at Chapman & Son.


Fillet Steak

Super lean and often regarded as the best steak that money can buy, fillet is ideal for frying, grilling, roasting in the oven or in a beef wellington.


Ribeye Steak

The eye of the steak has real flavour, with lovely marbling running right through Ribeye steak making it the perfect choice for frying.


Porterhouse Steak

If you like your steak with just a little bit of marbling or fat for a bit of extra flavour, Sirloin is the perfect middle ground between Ribeye and FIllet.


Minced Rump

Our signature mince – we only use rump ends and we mince them twice, to ensure that our minced beef is extremely lean and full of flavour.


Braising Steak

We also use the end of the rump (Rump ends) for our braising steak, which is extremely lean and can be sold in strips or diced into cubes.

Locally Sourced Lamb from Kent


Lamb Chops & Racks of Lamb

Lamb cutlets are a lovely dish, either served as individual cutlets or as a whole rack of Lamb (ideal for a Crown roast). We also sell double (loin) lamb chops, also known as Barnsley chops, and lamb rumps for a quick and easy dish. All of our lamb chops can be left plain or marinated in mint.

Lamb Neck Fillet & Minced Lamb

Lamb neck fillet is the perfect choice if you are cooking a curry, or just fancy a small, boneless piece of lamb – we can either leave it whole or dice it into cubes. Or why not try our lean lamb mince for a tasty alternative to beef?


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