Chapman & Son
Est. 1790
Marinated products

We pride ourselves on not only providing the best quality, locally produced meat but also on providing you with a wide variety and choice for all occasions.

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Tel: 01737 812 166

At Chapman & Son, we are proud to offer the following flavours of marinated meat:

Duck breasts:

Plain breasts

Char Siu 
Cantonese (Sherry, Honey & Garlic)


Lemon & Coriander chicken breasts
Parisienne chicken breasts (French garlic)
Lemon & Chilli chicken breasts
Pyrenees chicken breasts (stuffed with cheese & garlic) and coated in golden breadcrumbs
Cajun Chicken breasts / drumsticks / thighs


Whole / half  (marinated in our Cantonese and Parisienne sauces)
Whole / half shoulder (marinated in our Cantonese and Parisienne sauces)
Minted lamb chops / cutlets


BBQ Spare ribs
Pork Whirls (Individual portions of pork loin, stuffed with a hint of mint and Sage&Onion stuffing)